285 Billerica Rd Suite 205 Chelmsford, MA 01824

The Mission Systems Team

William French Senior

Founder & President

Bill French, Sr. is an avid inventor, investor and entrepreneur. He is currently the president of Mission Systems, LLC, a R&D company developing signature reduction and mobile power solutions for the warfighter and the president and founder of French Development Enterprises LLC (FDE), a renewable technology company commercializing hydro power technologies.

For the previous four decades, Bill was the founder and CEO of W.L. French Excavating Corporation (WLF) in Billerica MA. While dedicating his life to creating a successful construction company, Bill soon became best known for his integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, and business expertise. Today, with over $100 million in annual sales and over 190 employees, W.L. French has evolved into one of the top tier site contractors in the New England Region specializing in commercial site development and soils management services.

While supporting his local business community in Billerica, Bill has also pursued philanthropic efforts to the SEAL Legacy Foundation, Fisher House™ Foundation, Inc., Station Foundation, Mobile Trauma Unit and Green Beret Foundation, The and many other charities that benefit our military branches.

Mr. French has authorship of the following patents:

  • U.S. Patent (US8414223B2) – Intellectual Small Head Hydro Power. Construction of newly developed precast modular dam structures
  • U.S. Patent (US9103084B2) – Intellectual Small Head Hydro Power. Retrofitting existing dam structures and water control systems
  • Canadian Patent – Intelligent Hydro Electric Dam with Power Storage
  • U.S. Patent – Animal Aquatic Passage System/Fish Ladder
  • U.S. Patent Pending – Ground Stabilization System to Support Renewable Energy
  • U.S. Patent Pending – Utility Scale Ground Mount Solar Tracking System Dual Axis Photovoltaic (PV)
  • U.S. Patent Pending – Truck/Trailer Mounted Military Solar Tracking Systems (Military/DHS/FEMA Application)
  • U.S. Patented – Classified with Department of Defense – SOF (Special Operations Forces) and USSOCOM

Dr. Peter Berardi

VP Business Development

Dr. Pete Berardi is currently serving as the VP Business Development for Mission Systems LLC. He is also the CEO at SOF-ONE and a retired Navy SEAL Commander (1989-2012). Pete founded SOF-ONE in order to bring an unparalleled dynamic of operational experience, leadership skills, and business acumen to any organization.  Arriving at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training in 1989,  he spent the next 23 years around the globe, both in the field and out, acquiring and honing the skill sets and insights needed develop, lead and employ winning teams in the most competitive and hostile environments.  As the CEO of SOF-ONE, Pete provides access, technical expertise and specialized training to industry and government alike. In addition, he provides Naval Special Warfare Subject Matter Expertise and Leadership Development to the United States Special Operations Command that the USSOCOM headquarters.

Bill Cronin

Managing Member

Cronin began his career with the United States Army serving with Special Forces units, including close to 15 years with Delta Force. After retiring from the Army, Cronin participated at various levels (angel investing through VP of Operations) in six startup companies before starting QSL. Cronin earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Norwalk State Technical College, Norwalk, CT.

Bill Currently serves as a Fire Captain – New Castle Volunteer Fire Department, New Castle, NH, Director – The Station Foundation, Bozeman, MT and past President and Director – Seacoast Rotary Club, Portsmouth, NH. Past community involvement includes mentoring an early teen boy as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Portsmouth, NH and past chair of both the Budget Committee and Trustees of Trust Funds for the Town of New Castle, NH.